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Why Use a Concrete Slab?

All homeowners desire a strong foundation made of a concrete slab. It is on this foundation that the integrity of the structure built upon it depends. There are many advantages of building a home over a foundation made of concrete. Foundations made of concrete reduce the risk of any damage to the house because of flooding and leakage of gas. An adequately laid concrete slab protects the home from insects and termites, and the structure remains stable for a long time.

Affordable and Long-lasting Concrete Slab Issues

Despite being so durable and long-lasting, concrete slabs develop some issues over some time. These issues, such as upheaval, shifting, cracks, and settlement, can pose a danger to the inmates and the integrity of the entire structure built upon the foundation. However, there is no need to press the panic button. Skilled and experienced artisans at Aliso Viejo Pro Concrete & Masonry can rectify the concrete slab issue faced by the homeowner in a very efficient manner.

Dealing with Cracks

A crack in a concrete slab is a widespread problem faced by homeowners. It is natural for the slab to develop cracks whenever there is an upheaval. It usually happens when the soil underneath the slab absorbs moisture, and it expands, thereby creating upward pressure on the slab. The concrete slab can develop a crack if there is any void between the slab and the soil underneath. Cracks in the foundation can allow entry to pests, and it can also result in water leakage. Our skilled craftsmen can diagnose the reason behind slab crack and rectify it to provide a long-lasting solution to the customer.

The Upheaval of a Concrete Slab

Upheaval because of the pressure applied by the soil underneath as it swells with moisture can be a dangerous proposition for the homeowner. In some cases, the roots of a nearby tree reach below the foundation and apply pressure on it to result in upheaval. This happens in drought-prone areas where roots become thirsty and expand in search of water. If there are uneven floors or walls, it may be because of upheaval. Our skilled craftsmen know how to align the concrete slab that has experienced change properly.

In cases where there are piers below the foundation, shifting of docks may also cause in the relative shifting of the foundation.

No matter what the issue with your concrete slab contractor in Aliso Viejo, call us at (949) 674-3805 to get an effective and long-lasting solution at the most affordable prices. We will also give you a free quote for the concrete slab job at your premises.

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