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You need to take care of your pool deck the way you take care of your pool. Why? Because the pool deck is the place where the action happens. Part of the pool day fun is because of the surface area around the pool. People relax, enjoy, play, and cook on it. On an excessively hot summer day, the whole experience can be dampened by a hot pool deck. That’s why it’s very important to invest in a good cool deck to keep the surface temperature comfortable. When it comes to cool decks, you should definitely get yourself a kool deck. Why? Read on.

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Difference Between Cool Deck and Kool Deck

Cool deck and kool deck are two terms that are often used interchangeably. But, they actually differ in two key areas. Cool deck is the umbrella term used for all kinds of pool decks that specialize in keeping your pool deck’s surface temperature to the bare minimum. On the other hand, Kool deck is a product that was trademarked by a company based in Tustin, USA, back in the 70s. It’s actually the first cool deck in the market. The other products that claim to provide you with the same functionalities are the newer versions and are often inferior. 

This brings us to the second point that differentiates between kool decks and other cool decks. Kool deck is miles ahead in terms of quality and functionality. Kool deck, to this day, performs better than other inferior substitutes.

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Why Go For Kool Decks

As we have discussed already, kool decks do have the edge over its competitions. When it comes to pool decks, you will need to go for a product that gets the job done. Here, the kool deck is your best bet if you actually want to prevent your pool deck from getting excessively warm in summer. 

Kool deck is very effective in keeping the surface cooler so that walking on it doesn’t become an issue. It efficiently transfers the heat from the surface to the bottom soil without breaking a sweat. Moreover, it goes gentle on the concrete as well. Kool deck conveniently handles the thermal contraction and expansion during cold weather and on hot summer days. It protects the substrate from adverse weather and supports the concrete. Not only that, but the kool deck is also extremely durable and low on maintenance.

Functionalities aside, if you are thinking about the looks, then you won’t be disappointed here either. Kool deck looks extremely classy, and you have the flexibility to recreate designs of other exotic materials such as rocks. With a kool deck, you don’t need any matte or gloss finish since the surface itself is perfect. Considering the value a kool deck provides, you can’t go wrong with them. 

Cool Deck Installation: Why Hiring a Professional is the Only Option

As we have discussed already, cool decks, and especially kool decks, can provide you the perfect solution for your excessively warm pool deck under the scorching sun. Going with self-reliant methods is not the best way forward since many intricate steps need to be followed for flawless cool deck installation. Rookie mistakes can greatly reduce the surface’s effectiveness, and you wouldn’t want to see all your hard work and money going down the drain. That’s why it’s very important to hire professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience.

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